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Mozart-Hour-Coin minted!

by Georg Pleger last modified 2006-01-29 10:46

By minting the Mozart-Hour-Coin in the Münze Hall (Mint of Hall, Tirol, Austria) on Mozart's 250. birthday the project MOZARTforALL was officially started.

Projectinitiator Georg Pleger, also project lead of Creative Commons Austria, introduced the concept of MOZARTforALL:
OpenSource - OpenContent - OpenMoney are combined with each other.

Michael Graf, Tyrolean mentor of the idea of complementary currencies, mints the first coin.

The Mozart-Hour-Coin also visually summaries the OpenSource - OpenContent - OpenMoney - concept: The Mozart-Hour-Coin is used for saying thanks to OpenSource and OpenContent producers.

Karin Vokoun-Tremba, head of Allegro Vivace, a supporting society for the musicschool Völs, is given the first Creative Commons licensed Mozart-sheet-music by the editor Florian Weiler. She expresses her gratitude with a Mozart-Hour-Coin.

All images: CC-by Veronika Spielbichler

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